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It has been a year since the fall of the most notorious evil known to Wizarding kind, Voldemort. During his rise, muggles, muggle-borns, and any who dared to disagree with his regime were persecuted. The magical community was plunged into a world so full of fear that to speak Voldemort's name invited torture and imprisonment. Only a few knew that there was hope, that Harry Potter, the chosen one, could defeat Voldemort permanantly. In a final devastating confrontation, Harry succeeded and the wizarding world rejoiced. Reconstruction began, hindered only by the constant parties celebrating the freedom of wizardry.

As time passed however, the parties died out and now the wizarding world finds itself facing a new threat. This time however there seems to be no hope, no prophecy, and no One to be sacrificed for the survival of all. As the threat grows it is discovered that the young Tom Riddle, destined to become Lord Voldemort, made a magical contract. Thinking to find a path to immortality, Riddle agreed to give all his power upon his death for the secret to the true creation of a Horcrux. Much is yet unknown of this new threat, though its powerful presence is felt. Once more horrible things happen in dark places, and the Death Eaters seem to grow stronger under their new leader.

The world holds its breath, as it is once more plunged into the dark times of ages past, when Voldemort terrorized all. Will all be lost? Will the Death Eaters finally succeed under whatever new force has united them, Purebloods rising to the ruling class while all others are deemed unworthy? Or will the ever growing Order of the Phoenix stave off evil once more and save us all? Will you join with the powers that make the Order of the Phoenix and fight for all that is good and right? Or will you venture into the dark and cast your lot with the Death Eaters as they seek to remake our world? Choose your side and fight with all your being as you Relive the Magic!

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 Educational Decrees, mandatory read
 Posted: Jan 2 2017, 01:07 AM

.at your S E R V I C E
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Relive the Magic's
Educational Decrees

Yes, we have Educational Decrees here at Relive the Magic, and like any other rule they are to be followed!

By joining Relive the Magic, you agree to abide by all the rules of the site. You are also agreeing that you have read the rules and you understand that by not following them, consequences will ensue.

.getting S T A R T E D


•First off WELCOME! The first thing you should do is register a main name that you can then link your character names to. Choose a name that you as the creator want to go by, this can be anything! Once this is complete, move on to the next step!

•Register with your characters first and last name ONLY! So for example, if your characters name is Jane Smith, register as such Jane Smith. NO Jane123, or janesmith. After his step, switch back to your main account and in the profile area make sure you link your accounts. This will make it easier to switch from character to character!

•After registration, you MUST apply using our character application form. This must be done within 3 days of signing up.

•Keep in mind that Hogwarts is located somewhere within the vicinity of Scotland. There are many magical schools such as Beaubaxton and Durmstrang as well, so it would be fitting to assume that the states have magical schools as well. If you would like your character to come from somewhere other than Britain, Scotland, or the surrounding areas please clear this with an admin first.

•After your character application is complete and accepted, you must then check out the face claim portion to claim your playby. Playby's MUST be celebrity based. You may not simply take some random photo from myspace or facebook, or use one of your own as a playby. Furthermore, you cannot use the name of your playby for your character. That just lacks creativity.If we see this, it will count as a strike.

•Canon claim must be used if you are wanting to apply for a canon. Special circumstances are thought about when admins are approving these applications. If we feel you cannot handle to load of a canon, you might be rejected. No worries, use your originals to show us what you’ve got. It can be reconsidered!

•If your character harbors any special abilities then you must also use the claim for that. It can either be denied or accepted pending admin approval. For better chance of having it approved, clear it with an admin first and then apply. If it is accepted, your application must then be updated to show that your character has this ability.

•Once all this is complete and accepted, then you may post an introduction using the introduction format we have prepared for you! Be creative when writing this and when needed please be detailed!

.the S C H O O L


•If your character attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, then we must assume that they are here to learn. That being said, your character cannot know every curse, every jinx, or every spell.

•Students MUST attend classes. When class schedules are posted, if your character is not in classes then we will assume that s/he is ditching and there is a good chance that they could be caught and sentenced to detention.

•Students must remain in their own houses. At no point does JK Rowling say that the students of Hogwarts shared beds with other students in other houses. This is against the rules, and if you’re character is caught they can be punished in character. As sex, drugs, and adult content are part of our game you have to keep in mind that the student can still be caught and placed in trouble.

•When and if you receive detention you will have to accept it and role-play it out. If you decide not to, that's cool. Perhaps your character is bad to the bone. You'll receive more detention. If you refuse this extra detention you will be placed on probation. (In the literal sense, I will ban you from this site for a short period of time). When/if you come back and you STILL decide not to accept the punishment then you will be expelled/permanently banned. I'm sure that won't happen to anyone, though! The Head of House is responsible for deciding the punishment of the students.

•Once the school is closed for the summer, the category will vanish and new ones will open up. All with their own sets of rules.

•Professors may Power-play and Mode to prove a point. DON'T abuse your power though

•All other rules located in the RP Etiquette and beyond apply to this area as well.

.visiting H O G S M E A D E


•When a Hogsmeade weekend is upon us, the admins will then open the category for postings. We have to remember that students are not allowed to just meander into Hogsmeade whenever they wish.

•Students below third year are not allowed to visit Hogsmeade. However, you can chance it, but if you get caught you must suffer the consequences.

•All other rules located in the RP Etiquette and beyond apply to this area as well.

.diagon A L L E Y


•Diagon Alley will be open for students wishing to shop during the summer whilst the school is closed. If the student wishes to purchase anything while attending school, they will have to do so via Owl Post.

•Shoplifting from the stores is prohibited. However, if your character is a rebel let’s hope they don’t get caught. It could cause your character to have suffer a stint in Azkaban.

•All other rules located in the RP Etiquette and beyond apply to this area as well.

.going H O M E


•The private residences will be open during the summer vacation, or while needed any other time.

•What happens in your home is your business. Behind closed doors other characters cannot possibly know what is going on. However, underage magic is prohibited and is monitored closely. Should you break this rule, you could find yourself facing a trial at the Ministry, as well being expelled should it call for it.

•All other rules located in the RP Etiquette and beyond apply to this area as well.

.visiting the M I N I S T R Y


•The Ministry of Magic category will be opened when needed. As we get more ministry officials, the prospect of it staying open permanently does reside there.

•Keep in mind that whilst in the Ministry, everyone and everything is being watched. Stray to far and you might get yourself in trouble.

•All other rules located in the RP Etiquette and beyond apply to this area as well.

.st. M U N G O S


•St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries category will be opened when needed. As we get more ministry officials, the prospect of it staying open permanently does reside there.

•Please keep in mind that the healers at St. Mungos are tireless folk who do their best to treat each and every patient that walks through the doors. If your ailment is something that can be handled at the school, then please do not bother the busy people of St. Mungos.

•All other rules located in the RP Etiquette and beyond apply to this area as well.

.muggle L O N D O N


•Muggle London will be opened whilst the school is closed for the holidays. Unless needed otherwise, this will be the only time it is available.

•Using magic in front of Muggles is strictly prohibited. It could result in a lot of obliviated minds and you could be in a lot of trouble. Let’s not do this. But if you feel the urge, keep in mind you will be caught.

•All other rules located in the RP Etiquette and beyond apply to this area as well.

.the P R I S O N


•Unless there is a character locked in Azkaban, the category will remained closed. There is no sense in visiting characters who are not created and locked up.

•If you are sent to Azkaban, there was a very good reason for it. You will abide by the rules while in jail, and if you fail to do so, you could be temporarily banned. Further insubordination could result in a permanent ban.

•While in Azkaban you are not allowed to post anywhere else on the board, save of course the OOC area. Should you not follow this rule it will could as a strike and will be moved up a floor. If it continues you will be suspended, further insubordination could result in a permanent ban.

•All other rules located in the RP Etiquette and beyond apply to this area as well.

.rp E T I Q U E T T E


•This is a literate advanced Harry Potter based RPG. Meaning, you must have some knowledge of the Harry Potter world and know how to spell in order to role-play on this site.

•As this is a literate advanced site, we do have a two paragraph minimum to begin a topic in posting, and all postings are set to a minimum of fifty word count to be allowed to post. So use your imagination and detail in your posts!

•Likewise, it does get frustrating when someone works their behind off on a post only to receive a two lined response. We understand that sometimes you're waiting for the other person to move it along to give your character something to react to. But no one just stands there. Notice the weather, the surroundings, fidget. Even when you're waiting life keeps moving. So put some thought and detail into your posting!

•When starting a topic, please be sure to be specific so that other players know if they can join in. When you open a new topic, the first two boxes will be topic title and then topic description. Be creative with your topic title, give us an idea of what's going on. In your description please let us know who's welcome. Please follow the table below for that box.

-Closed: Character, Names (This is for conversations behind closed doors or other places where other characters can't just walk right in)

-Character, Names, Of, Those, Present (For scenes that move from one place to another, or have specific characters meeting. These scenes are in open places, the library, the hallway. On scenes like this, others can interrupt or walk in, it might not be what you intended but it can happen. Maybe they'll respect your wish for privacy, maybe not. That's how life works!)

-Open or just left blank (These are scenes where anyone is welcome to join you or come in. Sitting by the lake, wondering around the library, it says you're by yourself and open to being approached.)

•Use Quotations "when speaking out loud".

•Write in story format using the THIRD person, first person simply gets to annoying and confusing.

•Use italics when your character is thinking.

•Use the proper method for speaking out loud during posting:


.in G A M E

R E L I V E the M A G I C law

•Vampires, Mages, Werewolves are all welcome, but must be played accordingly. (Vampires may NOT just walk up and bite people (unless given consent by the other character.), Half vampires can walk during the day, and Werewolves may NOT become able to transform at will)

•Pregnancies and Marriages are also allowed - But here's the deal. For Marriages, it doesn't have to be consensual, but must have good reason not to be. (ie- Wizards debt. However it MUST be approved by both persons out of character.) Pregnancies, both parties must have knowledge of this, and both have to ask permission of the admins.

•You may insult another character IN post.

.unforgivable C U R S E S

C O D E of C O N D U C T

•First years through Sixth Years will not have the ability to use these advanced spells. Your character needs some education first.

•Professors will have the ability to use these curses.

•Like always, you can't power play them on another character.

•Chances are, a Professor will catch you (remember, you can't decide when you are caught by a Professor) and when you are caught hi ho hi ho, it's off to Azkaban you go which IS a part of this role-play game.

•The punishment for using these curses is a life time in Azkaban. If you are a Professor who foolishly decided to use this curse on another character-then another Professor can catch you in the act. You will not have the choice to pretend that he didn't see you.

.no T O L E R A N C E

D O N T do I T

NO Spamming

NO Insulting others OOC

NO Killing/abusing/raping of another person's character without consent and the admins approval

NO Power-playing or God-moding of another character that is not yours

NO Super characters No Animagus' without the proper lessons,no Mary Sue's or Gary Stu's Every character has flaws. Remember this.

NO fixing the Canon's past. Futures however can be tampered with.

NO Slash with the Canon's.

NO Stretching the board! Avatar sizes are to be 200x400 and signature sizes are to be no larger than 500x300! For returning members, please adjust your graphics accordingly!

.let's A F F I L I A T E

U S E this M E T H O D

•We encourage you to advertise with us! Not only will it increase our database, but yours as well! But please don't just assume you can post your advertisement anywhere. You must go to the affiliate page first and post there.

•You must apply our button to your page BEFORE you ask to be affiliated.

•If our button comes off, so does yours. There are random checks every now and then.

•Keep your advertisement out of your siggies. That's just creepy for one, and two your not using the proper method.

•No advertisement in the CBox.

.the C B O X


•No role-playing in the Cbox, that's what the forum is for.

•No advertising in the Cbox, that's what the affiliate page is for.

•No insulting people in the Cbox, this will result in an immediate ban.

•Keep it clean, the Cbox is seen by all so keep cursing to a minimum in this area.

.the R A T I N G

R E A D this C A R E F U L L Y

•This is an adult based role-play, meaning there will be an age requirement of 18 or older to role-play on this site. We have ways of finding out, and as this is not only our rule but JCINK's as well, you will be banned immediately without notice.

•Sex, drugs, alcohol, and other adult related content will be on this site. We do not enforce a fade to black law, however sex MUST be restricted to personal areas that are password protected. To apply for a personal area, you have to PM the admin and inform them of who will be attending the personal area and what it is needed for.

•Cursing will be permitted in posting, hence the adult rating. However, the GD word will NOT be tolerated.

Admin Edit:January 2017-Don't mess with my coding. Please.

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